Profession -  Academician
Claim to fame -  Achievements in academics and science, professor at Columbia University, USA

Educator and Cancer Researcher

1. Dedicated professional career to Education and Cancer Treatment
2.Topped graduating class in the Master of Science program in Physics at IIT Delhi
3. Obtained a PhD from Stanford University developing algorithms for more accurate dose calculations for cancer patients with a final GPA of 4.0 / 4.0 or 100%
4. Led the General Electric Global Research team that developed the world's first fully three dimensional digital mammography / ultrasound prototype system under a $5 million NIH grant for the diagnosis of breast cancer
5. Educator - Professor at Columbia University in New York City
6. Currently the Director of Medical Physics at a new proton therapy cancer treatment facility which has the potential for safer and more effective Radiation treatments for pediatric, prostate and head and neck cancer patients
7. Author or Co-author on over 50 peer reviewed scientific journal articles and 10 US patents
8. Member of the Sigma Xi Society and Nature Conservancy Group in New York