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ACADEMIC Questions  by IPCC students
Asked via SMS


Inbox;"2010-06-29 22:20:57";"+919250036***";"Hi sir.Mamta is this side.Sir pls tell me wt is meaning of securities or marketable security.Pls i m cnfusd"

Inbox;"2010-06-27 22:55:04";"+919999275***";"mmm hope m nt disturbin.. sir liquidator xpns ka part security xpns bhi hota h.. iska eg. kya hoga?? paka ab nai pareshn karugi :-)"

Inbox;"2010-06-25 17:03:13";"+919210330***";"Good mrng sir,I gave ipcc both grp in may-10 nd I wants to join training from now but i m very confused about this.plz guide me how I apply For training.paras"

Inbox;"2010-06-16 21:43:31";"+919953016***";"Are there any recent amendments(apart from the amendment in bonus act in 2007) in the subject of law meant for ipcc nov 2010 exam.."

Inbox;"2010-02-20 15:16:20";"+919315518***";"Sir plz tell me about conversion of share into stock...."

Inbox;"2010-02-20 15:20:30";"+919311678***";"Sir what does consolidating the share capital means."

Inbox;"2010-02-16 23:52:17";"+919312619***";"Good evening sir would you please tell me what are the quality that one need to get 1st rank in ipcc"

Inbox;"2010-02-17 01:37:26";"+919999860***";"Sir actually i have been selected in s s kothari. Should i try for Big fours? "

Inbox;"2010-02-14 16:28:48";"+919015815***";"Is it possible by self study i m giung one group in may 10 so how should prepare for exam plz tell me i shuld take notes some teacher or nt . Cn u gv me ur nots"

Inbox;"2010-02-14 16:22:20";"+919015815***";"Sir i want some guidance by u actually i m frm science streen nd nt nt gud concept of acconts nd i want to pass by self study so plz plz guide me i m ur obidien"

Inbox;"2010-02-13 23:35:11";"+919953752***";"Hello sir,gud evning m dngCA & B.COM{H}3rd yr.i wnt 2do a speclzd &advncd corse in stock mrkt,do u knw ny instite 4dis which is as rputatd & vluble like ICAI."

Inbox;"2010-02-10 23:07:22";"+919818768***";"Can i study law,ethics & communication without any coching?"

Inbox;"2010-02-03 23:55:26";"+919555383***";"Dear sir,
can u suggust me for best teacher for IPCC-BOTH GROUP class
and whose books should i refer to prepair for exams.
Please reply "

Inbox;"2010-01-28 20:27:28";"+919015173***";"Sir, Are capitalised expenditure,capital expenditure nd Deffered revenue expenditure d same terms?"

Inbox;"2010-01-28 20:24:38";"+919313949***";"Sir in amalgamation of company i can't remember the journal entries even i try to learn it & write it again & again. Plz give me solution."

Inbox;"2010-01-28 02:45:43";"+919716231***";"What is the meaning of IMPARTIABLE ESTATE And DEEMED OWNER?"

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:34:25";"+919868402***"Should we do a master's degree after ca for a better pay??? "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:31:47";"+919868402***";"Will it be easy to do cs along with ca ???? "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:26:08";"+919953089***";"Good aftrnoon sir, i would like to ask that being regular wid d coachng n just beng dependent on their material would lead to succes in ipcc?"

Inbox;"2009-11-04 17:56:35";"+919654470***";"I didnt got gud marks in cpt, cud say just passing marks, can i assume dat there is a scope of clearing ipcc succesfully..... "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 17:49:55";"+919582126***";"Gudaftrnun sir.. M in srcc..shud i do graduation first or CA Along wid graduation correspondnce...."

Inbox;"2009-11-04 17:54:46";"+919555462***";"Can u pls discus on exams-gvng both d groups togethr or nt "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 02:20:49";"+919210972***";"I wil nt pas this ipcc exam due 2 incomplit revision wht shud i do.Plz reply.Pratik"

Inbox;"2009-11-03 20:06:44";"+919990528***";"Sir,hire purchase agreement me in the books of purchaser kaun sa method use hota h?1full cash n actual cash price paid method or 2.cash price n intt suspence method? Plz help,"

Inbox;"2009-11-03 19:24:30";"+919212988***";"Hi! Sir, what should i do in these last 2 days for accounts exam ipcc?"

Inbox;"2009-11-02 23:06:36";"+919899808***";" Gudevng...!!Sir plz send sum valuable tip's regarding Ipcc.. Mean's hw 2 do prepartn 4 exam.. Time management n all.."

Inbox;"2009-11-02 06:35:54";"+919873784***";"Hi Sir,if i don't fare wel in my NOVEMBER 2009 exams,wil it have any negative impact on my MAY 2010 attempt even if i give that attempt my best?"

Inbox;"2009-11-01 05:06:13";"+919958264***";"Sir, i have filled my ipcc exam form and i am not giving my exam,so will it be considered as my attempt?"

Inbox;"2009-11-01 05:01:26";"+919210085***";"Sir law ko yaad karne ka koi method bta do please."

Inbox;"2009-10-31 13:16:56";"+919810177***";"Sir as u advised us in orientation to do 1Q of A/C, Law n Tax daily. I found d scanner of A/C only n i started tht 4m today. I m a may attempt studnt"

Inbox;"2009-10-30 22:40:14";"+919311260***";"Which book should i use for cost and Fm for IPCC."

Inbox;"2009-10-30 03:34:54";"+919911881***";"Sir taxation ke liye kaun si book achi hai for ipcc"

Inbox;"2009-10-29 08:49:53";"+919654526***";"In subject Law. Q. To change/ alteration in "liability clause" which RESOLUTION is passed?
Plz sir provide me answer.

Inbox;"2009-10-28 23:58:11";"+919990217***";"Sir, how to learn the sections in law ?"

Inbox;"2009-10-28 21:10:37";"+919654526***";"Q. To change in "liability clause" which RESOLUTION is passed?

Inbox;"2009-10-27 16:58:15";"+919999056***";"Sorry 2 disturb sir bt tel me about carriage inward.. This d cost which enterd in p/L A/C.. M I WRIGT SIR..?"

Inbox;"2009-10-25 16:35:04";"+919424907***";"How to decide as to whether create a provision or to treat 1 as contingent liability if a court case is gng on. ."

Inbox;"2009-10-25 16:30:07";"+919424907***";"Gm sir. .dis is Richa.. Sry 2 disturb u bt cud u plz help m wid a doubt in A/c s.. Only if u r nt so busy. ."

Inbox;"2009-10-25 13:44:59";"+919015625***";"Gud mnig sir, Service tax return kitni bar revised ho sakti h?"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 18:21:25";"+919990966***";"Sir iz dre z amendment in tax that in n0v attempt only practcal wil cum of 50 marks in income tax?"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 04:21:04";"+919990972***";"Plz suggest a book on financial management for self study . "
Inbox;"2009-10-24 05:06:16";"+919278328***";"Sir in A/C FROM INCOPLETE RECORDS anual fire insurance prenium paid taken into what"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 02:28:34";"+919990274***";"Good evening sir , I have some doubts in income tax and law can i call you ."
Inbox;"2009-10-24 03:02:45";"+919999444***";"Sir can only rank holders be succesful ca. I am an avg. Studnt but i want 2 b a ca.. Plz guide me sir "

Inbox;"2009-10-23 18:47:15";"+919015625***";"Hi sir, is there any difference between unpaid capital and uncalled capital? "
Inbox;"2009-10-23 18:57:51";"+919015625***";"What is lost Paid up capital "

Inbox;"2009-10-23 02:14:25";"+919896532***";"Sir, How can i be perfect in tax?"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 00:12:23";"+919990872***";"Sir please tell me which audit books i should prefer for ipcc.."

Inbox;"2009-10-22 16:07:51";"+919650152***";"Yes, your way help me a lot now in revising.. "

Inbox;"2009-10-22 16:10:35";"+919910410***";"Yes ofcourse . The way of writing d answers sugstd by u hv improved my ansers"

Inbox;"2009-10-20 19:50:46";"+919953095***";"Hi sir, hw r u? Sir i want 2 ask u ki tax nd cost Fm ki padai without coaching kaise kare plz tell m dis b'coz i want 2 prepare myself 4 exams.

Inbox;"2009-10-18 17:00:04";"+919968963***";"What is net claim ratio"

Inbox;"2009-10-16 04:46:19";"+919555158***";"Sir,what's mean of corporate governance?"

Inbox;"2009-10-16 01:48:10";"+919540829***";"Wat is criteria of Profesnal person?"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 03:52:11";"+919811063***";"sir i have done my exercise .
thanx for the idea of your assessment tests"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:16:04";"+919999730***";"Sir Maine abhi tak kuch nahi padha hai due to some business prob. but i m going to appear in NOV.2009 toh main ab kya karu aur kaise padhu. Sir plz plz help me."
Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:43:03";"+919211589***";"Arslam valekum Sir,
i want 2 know whether it is compulsary 2 write narration with JOURNAL ENTRY or not? "

Inbox;"2009-10-14 22:00:49";"+919015851***";"Sir, how can prepare tax paper in short period for november attempt please suggested immeditaly "

Inbox;"2009-10-14 20:11:59";"+919555339***";"Sir income tax ki tayari kaise ki jaye. Provision saare learn hai par apply karne meine problem. Plz reply soon"

Inbox;"2009-10-14 16:12:50";"+919899263***";"In vat,Whether input tax cr. Can be set of with cst if any excess amount "
Inbox;"2009-10-14 16:29:59";"+919899263***";"I m extremly thankful for your answer."

Inbox;"2009-10-13 20:18:50";"+919312067***";"sir i am having my ipcc exam this nov and i am unable to concentrate on my studies more than 30 min . my mind is not stable. wat to do sir?

Inbox;"2009-10-12 16:08:30";"+919968493***";"Sir i have complite one hour task way u suggsted"

Inbox;"2009-10-12 15:25:16";"+919810047***";"Good morning Sir.
i m a student of IPCC,n my attempt wil b on NOV 09, my question is-i hav done my accounts ONLY through the ICAIs studymatt is it enough 2 attend the exam hal confidently,or is it better 2 reffer different books,

please suggest.

Gyanendra Dwivedi."

Inbox;"2009-10-10 18:53:37";"+919818759***";"Sir, Eg. of ethical dilemma in business??"

Inbox;"2009-10-10 02:12:28";"+919999461***";"Respected sir, I done my one hour in studying of tax- in manner sugsted by you. thank you"

Inbox;"2009-10-10 01:53:46";"+919910410***";"Plz tel me hw to prepare 4 I.Tax. I havent prepared at all"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 23:06:13";"+919910410***";"Completed my 1 hr work…as sugstd by you"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 04:11:37";"+919891195***";"Gud evening sir, sorry to trouble you again....just wanted to ask you how many hours to study...if i want to start fresh?....Thanks..."
Inbox;"2009-10-08 04:15:11";"+919891195***";"hw many hours to study in a day for nov.2009 inter paper...if i want to start fresh again?"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 04:21:10";"+919818759***";"Are Business Ethics & CSR one nd the same thing. . ."

Inbox;"2009-10-08 03:34:26";"+919990966***";"What is sweat equity?"

Inbox;"2009-10-07 23:08:56";"+919311486***";"Sir mera paper Nov. mai h . Cost & Fm ka prepration zero h kese kru & kise kru cost ya fm. Rply plz."

Inbox;"2009-10-04 04:52:22";"+919873764***";"Sir, does personal car come under personal effect? If yes where is its capital gain taxable?"

Inbox;"2009-09-28 03:28:02";"+919210055***";"What will be the bad debts treatment if it is given in the adjustment in banking financial statement ?? Please tel sir "

    Recent examples (2009, 2008) at our Boutique School include



Class Subject School Pre board Marks Board Marks



Accounts Amity ----- 94


Accounts Ryan ----- 88
Suvir Singh


A/cs, Eco, BS Vasant Valley 30’s 80-85

Shiv Saini


A/cs, Eco, BS Vasant Valley 30’s 75-85


Economics Sanskriti 60 85



Economics Sanskriti 43 68


Accounts DPS, Gurgaon 42 70

Saba Kapur


Economics Shri Ram 70 85
Shailika Garg


Economics Shri Ram 50 86

Preeyah Choonee


Economics British School New Delhi



Divyanshu Yadav


Eco, BS G.D Goenka, Gurgaon 55 75

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