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Personal Questions  by IPCC students
Asked via SMS


Inbox;"2010-06-08 05:19:08";"+91931121****";"Sir, agr office me hmara koi collegue hmara sath faltu ki baatein kare, thn hw shud v respond 2 it? Its urgent sir. Plz rply."

Inbox;"2010-06-06 02:24:25";"+91927827****";"I am sumtyms so vry mch surprised d way i behave.M feelin angry,iritated, frustratd 4 n0 reas0n.Hav i turned psycho"

Inbox;"2010-06-03 05:03:05";"+91901525****";"Sir please tell me i don't know what to do. My best frnd not a boy frnd is going on a wrong track. He use to do very heavy smoking, drinking and moreover he use to play cards with his room mates in free time and when i say anything to him he got irritated and we lead to a fight. Sir please tell me how should i pull him off out of this. I am worried that some1 very close 2 me doing all this. Please help me out. "

Inbox;"2010-06-02 20:20:14";"+91971887****";"Sir whenever I study I cant continuously concentrate...I loose focus quite fast...is there any technique...pls help..im in the current class "

Inbox;"2010-06-02 20:21:11";"+91941773****";"I don't have time to talk with my girl friend"

Inbox;"2010-06-02 20:28:10";"+91955545****";"How one can make his or her communication effective without laiding his or her regional tonnes on his business commu. "

Inbox;"2010-05-29 14:35:16";"+91995391****";"Hi sir.. How r u.. Sir i have something to ask. My parents expect a lot, nd so they say a lot, they are harsh at times.. But i am not able to study for l"

Inbox;"2010-05-29 14:35:21";"+91995391****";"ong hours.. Sometimes i feel guilty, sometimes angry.. Sir what to do? I feel a lot of pressure from their side."

Inbox;"2010-02-20 05:27:59";"+91996863****";"Hi sir how should i propose a girl ?"

Inbox;"2010-02-18 04:09:22";"+91965456****";"Sir good evng
while we study a lot of distractions distrbs us in every means.....what we should do to avoid that?"

Inbox;"2010-02-16 06:02:20";"+91981039****";"pls help sir my exms r jst approaching n m nt able to concntrate on my studies..
wht do i do"

Inbox;"2010-02-16 05:46:08";"+91987347****";"Sir sry 2 disturb u so late.... Actuly my prob is i hv felings 4 my frndz gf and dat grl is also a vry gud frnd of mine frm 3 yrs.... M in a big cnfunsnHello sir,how are you doing? Remember me? :-) I just wanted to share my happiness with you.Its that i got through IPCC in my 1st attempt :-) and thank yo 2 wat 2 do? Plz do rply as soon as u get time.. Gud 9tu for ur motivational talks :-) take care."

Inbox;"2010-02-15 20:11:54";"+91989116****";"Sir hw to avoid sleep durin study"

Inbox;"2010-02-15 07:37:31";"+91971664****";"Sir me apni padai me consantrate nahi kar pata hu.mera man sex jaisi bato me laga rahta hai"

Inbox;"2010-02-11 21:25:56";"+91880266****";"Sir i m student of ippc my problem is short term memory loos who i study next day i forget please advice me"

Inbox;"2010-02-10 22:09:26";"+91999069****";"Sir m workin on ma ca..
I keep ma studies n luv lyf distinct...
Nw wt.?"

Inbox;"2010-02-10 21:53:29";"+91999069****";"Hey sir..
A guy lyks me n i return d same feelings..
Bt he says dat acc. 2 his nature he cn betray me..dats y he dnt wana me 2 be in relatinship wid him..he cnt c me cryin..bt on odr hand he talks 2 me lyk m his gf..n demands kisses..n wn i ask y..dn he says- in return of his honesty..he smtimes cals me his gf.. Smtimes frnd...
Wt shud i do..?"

Inbox;"2010-02-10 17:16:43";"+91965042****";"My gf has got married...
What should i do....?"

Inbox;"2010-02-10 16:49:56";"+91987311****";"Sir studies pe dil nahi lgta . .pl give the way.. . I want to do sumthng in my lyf"

Inbox;"2010-02-08 00:19:33";"+91921070****";"hey sir wts up? M a studnt of 17th orntatn batch,quite cnfusd .. Done almst course bt each tym i revise it feels lyk m studyin it 4 d 1st tym.. Wt to do?"

Inbox;"2010-02-07 03:19:10";"+91971131****";"Sir...m one of d stdnt of IPCC...nd m rly wry abt my exms aftr seeing d nov. attempt rslts...pls tel me hw i manage al dis as i'll be free 4 my coachngs till mid march...

Inbox;"2010-02-05 21:14:50";"+91989978****";"Sir ds syd nupur. M dne wid mi ol subjects , i just hav to revise dem. Bt m still very nervous fr mi may attempt. I just wnt to ask hw to overcum mi fear"

Inbox;"2010-02-05 00:57:56";"+91965423****";"Sir i got fail in my ipcc exam both groups wt i do now. "

Inbox;"2010-02-04 04:30:41";"+91901303****";"Hi, sir.
Sir, i want ur help.
Plz, tl me hw i can breakup wid my gf .
Becz, m nt abl 2 brkup wid hr directly.
Plz, hlp."

Inbox;"2010-02-04 03:32:32";"+91995366****";"Sir mai ek ladki ko pasand karta tha maine usko propose b kia par usne mna kar dia aur kha aap mere sirf frnd ho
sir mai bhut lonely sa feel karta hu merI need ur help mera may atempt h..abhi sec. Group k ek h sub k coachng li h..audit k..n frst group k b kisi sub k prepratn nhi h..my parents r forcng me e sare frnds k gf hai mere h ni hai
mai andar h andar rota rhta hu
isilie padai m b dil nai lagta
sir kuch btaie mai kya karu kha jau mai
help sir2 gve bth group..wat shuld i do..kya ek grp dainai sai koi value nhi hoti"

Inbox;"2010-02-03 22:14:22";"+91999945****";"I m nt able to say him no..i just want to knw hw to divert my mind 4m my bf.."

Inbox;"2010-02-03 23:15:27";"+91987192****";"hello sir. I want 2 dump my girlfrend. What should i do. Plz help."

Inbox;"2010-02-03 21:05:37";"+91999945****";"Sir i really want to dump my boy frnd..plz tel me hw shud i do dat..m really dpressd bcoz of him..m fed up of ol dis mess..reply as soon as possible.."

Inbox;"2010-02-02 04:27:53";"+91927827****";"Evrythin i mean m myself vry c0nfusd.Do u kn0w i knew i wud hav a heart break wid wasim bt stil jumped in2 d relatin m realy crazy n stupid.C0nfusi0n is me"

Inbox;"2010-01-31 17:52:44";"+91927802****";"Mera mere boyfriend se break up ho chuka hai but muje abhi bhi usi ki yad ati hai muje kya karna chaie"

Inbox;"2010-01-31 18:35:52";"+91901728****";"Sir,i m an IPCC 1st group student nd i have't done anything till now as revision so What do u think can i clear d 1st group if i start studying nw"

Inbox;"2010-01-28 02:45:59";"+91931136****";"Hi..Sir. Tere ws a girl in my lfe bfre two year..I love her so mch.,bt even after two year m nt able to frget her.,bcoz of tht my stdes also spillng wht to do.."

Inbox;"2010-01-27 17:59:55";"+91999998****";"Sir Hw cn i get a prety girlfrnd?"

Inbox;"2010-01-27 17:31:16";"+91965456****";"Gmrng sir
i want to ask you that how to reduce stress...sometimes wen i feel depressed a lot of anger fills in me and this remains for many hours....ultimately it had a huge effect on my studies
pls give some suggestions."

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:14:53";"+9198915*****";"Hello sir ,day after tommorow i have my exam .I am prepared bt i m scared i dnt know why."

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:09:15";"+9199715*****";"Sir ..how can we create Environment so that we remain focused in our studies? "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:08:25";"+9195550*****";"Sir gud after non tell me What is CPA?"

Inbox;"2009-11-04 16:30:28";"+9197176*****";"sir i am appearing in nov 2009 IPCC exam and very nervous please give me some tips( i had attended your class in orientation prog in aug 09 at ICAI )"

Inbox;"2009-11-04 16:43:38";"+9197176*****";"thanks Sir for replying and giving your advice. Many of my teacher give their numbr for any query but they dont reply so i again thankful to you”

Inbox;"2009-10-31 21:10:59";"+9199532*****";".dont u thnk dat graduation is also equally important as it is a safety option.dont u thnk droping ca for 1 year would b gud idea after group 2"

Inbox;"2009-10-31 21:00:51";"+9199532*****";"Hello sir i cnt concentrate on m study so telme wht 2 do "

Inbox;"2009-10-31 15:06:54";"+9195555*****";"hi, sir i want to know wht is imprtant in lyf- study or love or both."

Inbox;"2009-10-31 17:06:00";"+9195555*****";"but sir i have a prblm i love her, but she don’t luv me; kya krun?? sayad mene apni intension pehle bta di isliye ab uski wajah se tense rhta hun n study pr focus nhi kr pa rha hun "

Inbox;"2009-10-31 10:47:26";"+9192132*****";"Bt sir i want 2 gain my weight joggng se to wght kam aur hoga. My wght is 50 kg nd hight 5'11 whch is vry less."

Inbox;"2009-10-30 06:36:48";"+9199998*****";"Hello sir.. how r u? today i strtd my accnts revsn n i flt as if i hv 4gt evrythn n cncpts.n m vry distrbd wat shud i do?i cried whole day! A. (15 th orntatn)"

Inbox;"2009-10-29 19:19:53";"+9192100*****";"Sir today is my girl frnd's birthday wht should present her nd right nw i m sitting too boring cls wht should i do nw.

Inbox;"2009-10-27 21:18:44";"+9199902*****";"Sir, how we get pass in ipcc nd final in just one attempt , without any stress nd without becoming a "kitabi keeda"? Means like u, how did u studied at ur time?"

Inbox;"2009-10-27 20:06:05";"+9198999*****";"Sir i had 2 question 1st what should b the dress to b wear as ca profesionals? 2nd how to boost up confìdence level?"

Inbox;"2009-10-26 19:47:22";"+9198991*****";"Hi sir,dis is poonam in da o.p clases.plz gve me ur wishes dat i vl gt gud marks in nov atmpt. Sir i wnt 2 sy u r a gr8 persn as u thnk abt ur parnts. Heads of 2 u."

Inbox;"2009-10-25 11:16:22";"+9198187*****";"Sir. . .Feeling really hopeless...I don't think i'l clear these exams. . .Wat 2 do??"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 02:13:04";"+9198736*****";"Sir i have a girlfriend, i really care for her. But we usually don't meet each other, we just msg each other. She is doing cpt, and i am doing ipcc. It doesn't really harming my studies, as we talk on msg only half an hour, should i continue the relation, or dump her?"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 15:42:44";"+9199994*****";"Sir, hw shuld i increase my concentration level. I am unable to concentrate for more dan 30 min.. Plz help me out sir"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 14:33:56";"+9199530*****";"Sir i dnt have the courage to come in front of some group of people and communicate with dem although i knw dat i can do it but due to lack of confidence i cant.what should to overcome my fear........"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 14:52:20";"+9199118*****";"Sir! There is my friend who disturb my study. He want to sit togather in the class room but i don't want. So plz suggest me, what should do?"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 03:30:47";"+9197119*****";"Gudeve sir hwz u...??
I want a advice frm u first f ol i wana tel u mah history...sir i got faild in 9th std. Aftrdat i changd mah schol n cleard 10th aftrdat i faild in 11th std n i left skul n i joind N.I.O.S n i cleard mah 12th...aftrdat i joind c.a n i cleard wid cpt...n today my b.com result get out n i faild...n yet i havnt told my parents nythin...sir should i continue wid c.a or should i drop it n join ma family business sir plz advice me...thank u"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 00:51:38";"+9198994*****";"Gud evng Sir, I dumpd my boy frnd last month coz thr is no tym fr all this stuff,bt sir many tyms whn am alone his memories n my past surrounds me n i feel hlpless,i dnt knw what happns to me,can u plz help me to ovrcm this?"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 01:10:35";"+9198994*****";"Yes,i nvr thut this way! Thnx ir. It actuly makes sense.. It was so positive! I took the rite decisn na?"

Inbox;"2009-10-22 23:18:17";"+9198718*****";"Sir u said dat v must sleep 4 7 to 8 hrs a day..My ques z, at a stretch or intervals?? Coz i dnt get enough tym due 2 coachings.! I hv tym in b/w tuitns.. "

Inbox;"2009-10-22 21:36:38";"+9198716*****";"Sir I want to leave smoking, but i didn't. Please help me."

Inbox;"2009-10-22 20:34:31";"+9198910*****";"Me in a mess wanna leave my boyfrnd bt m addicted 2 talk 2 him bt he nt bad bt even a small argue wid him or even a genral talk or even no talk distracts me a lot wat should i do?"

Inbox;"2009-10-22 15:59:52";"+9192138*****";"Gdmrn sirji
plz help me muje kch samaj ni aa rha h k me nov atmpt du ya ni? Bcz mere pas hona mushkil lag rha h n fail me hona ni chahta plz hlp me wht to do?"

Inbox;"2009-10-21 20:46:43";"+9199719*****";"Sir nov. Me mere exms h. . . n mene bilkul b pdai ni ki h ab dr lg rha h.. Wt 2 do ? ?"

Inbox;"2009-10-21 15:51:06";"+9198736*****";"Sir bf ki vjh se boht pareshan hu nd nov me xams hai nd m spoiling my career i knw wat shd i do "

Inbox;"2009-10-17 17:10:59";"+9196714*****";"Salam valekum Sir
Happy Diwali
A CA would give preference 2 a girl who is in trouser n shirt or who is in suit salwar if both r having same qualification?"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 03:14:39";"+9195552*****";"actually sir whenever i see any beauti gal i want to b to close to them actualy wat is this n wat should i do .i ned ur reply"


Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:14:08";"+9195559*****";"SIR, USKE FATHER MUJE GUSE SE DEKH RHE THE... OR VO LADKI MERI DOST HA "

Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:15:08";"+9195559*****";"BS VO USE KUCH NA KHE"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:20:31";"+9195559*****";"OK SIR THNKS.. APNE MERI TENSION DUR KR DI"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:15:14";"+9198116*****";"Sir, pls give me advice to improve my eng."

Inbox;"2009-10-14 20:23:16";"+9196508*****";"Sir i dont want 2 do c.a bcoz i think tht i m good in bzness but my father forces 2 do c.a. Pl reply wat I shd do"

Inbox;"2009-10-12 02:31:17";"+9198973*****";"Good evening sir
I am kratanshu
sir I am confused about
what is the difference between AIM and VISION
so plz give me answer"

Inbox;"2009-10-10 00:45:45";"+9192102*****";"How can I stop smoking. It is harmful 4 health.?"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 05:28:38";"+9193108*****";"Gd evng sir, my ipcc exam is in nov-9. I've applied 4 both grp, but i couldn't prepare 4 2nd grp bcoz of my health prblm. What shld i do now. Plz rply me. Thanx"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 03:12:55";"+9199906*****";"Sir i hv a problem that i m nt studyng right nw coz i feel so tired nd Mera man bhi nahi kr raha , so what shud i do fr tht plz help me out"
Inbox;"2009-10-08 03:27:53";"+9199906*****";"Bt sir during sleeping tym bhi ye hi feel hota rehta h k i m losting smthng ,i hv to study etc... , so coz of that i cant sleep too.., so can i do nw???"

Inbox;"2009-10-05 23:54:43";"+9195553*****";"How i increase my retaining power plz reply"


    Recent examples (2009, 2008) at our Boutique School include



Class Subject School Pre board Marks Board Marks



Accounts Amity ----- 94


Accounts Ryan ----- 88
Suvir Singh


A/cs, Eco, BS Vasant Valley 30’s 80-85

Shiv Saini


A/cs, Eco, BS Vasant Valley 30’s 75-85


Economics Sanskriti 60 85



Economics Sanskriti 43 68


Accounts DPS, Gurgaon 42 70

Saba Kapur


Economics Shri Ram 70 85
Shailika Garg


Economics Shri Ram 50 86

Preeyah Choonee


Economics British School New Delhi



Divyanshu Yadav


Eco, BS G.D Goenka, Gurgaon 55 75

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