Dr. Seekar Sachdeva


Vote Dr. Seekar Sachdeva as Dipsite of the Year.. not just for his professional accomplishments but for devoting an entire lifetime in upholding the spirit of our DPS motto - "Service Before Self".

 As a medical practioner who got his degree in the early 70's, Seekar had the wherewithal as well as many opportunities to emigrate to the greener pastures of the wonder-west in pursuit of wealth and fame. However, the fact that Seekar stayed back in India, set up his clinic in a more humbler part of the city, and shared his medical knowledge for the benefit of the weaker and deprived members of our society, surely merits him to be an appropriate candidate for this award. Furthermore, Seekar has also been a Consultant, Deen dayal Upadhya National Institute for Physically Handicapped.

As a professional and as a human being, I think Dr Seekar Sachdev has all the qualities that distinguishes him from the ordinary and sets him on a higher pedestal. I am sure many of you will join me in saying that its people like Seekar who keep a thought, a spirt, and a passion alive...Service Before Self! ...a rare value in today's world.

Nominated by: Arunava Dasgupta