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4. Mr. Arhan Khan
Question: hi sir

Answer: Thank you

2. Mr. Komal Yadav
Question: Which is the best book to read for subject Income Tax?

Answer: I suggest you read the book by Mr.Girish Ahuja.
1. Mr. Rahul Singh
Question: Sir, Which book I should use for Income tax paper.?

Answer: Use the book by Mr.Girish Ahuja.
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Inbox;"2010-06-29 22:20:57";"+919250036***";"Hi sir.Mamta is this side.Sir pls tell me wt is meaning of securities or marketable security.Pls i m cnfusd"

Inbox;"2010-06-27 22:55:04";"+919999275***";"mmm hope m nt disturbin.. sir liquidator xpns ka part security xpns bhi hota h.. iska eg. kya hoga?? paka ab nai pareshn karugi :-)"

Inbox;"2010-06-25 17:03:13";"+919210330***";"Good mrng sir,I gave ipcc both grp in may-10 nd I wants to join training from now but i m very confused about this.plz guide me how I apply For training.paras"

Inbox;"2010-06-16 21:43:31";"+919953016***";"Are there any recent amendments(apart from the amendment in bonus act in 2007) in the subject of law meant for ipcc nov 2010 exam.."

Inbox;"2010-02-20 15:16:20";"+919315518***";"Sir plz tell me about conversion of share into stock...."

Inbox;"2010-02-20 15:20:30";"+919311678***";"Sir what does consolidating the share capital means."

Inbox;"2010-02-16 23:52:17";"+919312619***";"Good evening sir would you please tell me what are the quality that one need to get 1st rank in ipcc"

Inbox;"2010-02-17 01:37:26";"+919999860***";"Sir actually i have been selected in s s kothari. Should i try for Big fours? "

Inbox;"2010-02-14 16:28:48";"+919015815***";"Is it possible by self study i m giung one group in may 10 so how should prepare for exam plz tell me i shuld take notes some teacher or nt . Cn u gv me ur nots"

Inbox;"2010-02-14 16:22:20";"+919015815***";"Sir i want some guidance by u actually i m frm science streen nd nt nt gud concept of acconts nd i want to pass by self study so plz plz guide me i m ur obidien"

Inbox;"2010-02-13 23:35:11";"+919953752***";"Hello sir,gud evning m dngCA & B.COM{H}3rd yr.i wnt 2do a speclzd &advncd corse in stock mrkt,do u knw ny instite 4dis which is as rputatd & vluble like ICAI."

Inbox;"2010-02-10 23:07:22";"+919818768***";"Can i study law,ethics & communication without any coching?"

Inbox;"2010-02-03 23:55:26";"+919555383***";"Dear sir,
can u suggust me for best teacher for IPCC-BOTH GROUP class
and whose books should i refer to prepair for exams.
Please reply "

Inbox;"2010-01-28 20:27:28";"+919015173***";"Sir, Are capitalised expenditure,capital expenditure nd Deffered revenue expenditure d same terms?"

Inbox;"2010-01-28 20:24:38";"+919313949***";"Sir in amalgamation of company i can't remember the journal entries even i try to learn it & write it again & again. Plz give me solution."

Inbox;"2010-01-28 02:45:43";"+919716231***";"What is the meaning of IMPARTIABLE ESTATE And DEEMED OWNER?"

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:34:25";"+919868402***"Should we do a master's degree after ca for a better pay??? "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:31:47";"+919868402***";"Will it be easy to do cs along with ca ???? "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 18:26:08";"+919953089***";"Good aftrnoon sir, i would like to ask that being regular wid d coachng n just beng dependent on their material would lead to succes in ipcc?"

Inbox;"2009-11-04 17:56:35";"+919654470***";"I didnt got gud marks in cpt, cud say just passing marks, can i assume dat there is a scope of clearing ipcc succesfully..... "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 17:49:55";"+919582126***";"Gudaftrnun sir.. M in srcc..shud i do graduation first or CA Along wid graduation correspondnce...."

Inbox;"2009-11-04 17:54:46";"+919555462***";"Can u pls discus on exams-gvng both d groups togethr or nt "

Inbox;"2009-11-04 02:20:49";"+919210972***";"I wil nt pas this ipcc exam due 2 incomplit revision wht shud i do.Plz reply.Pratik"

Inbox;"2009-11-03 20:06:44";"+919990528***";"Sir,hire purchase agreement me in the books of purchaser kaun sa method use hota h?1full cash n actual cash price paid method or price n intt suspence method? Plz help,"

Inbox;"2009-11-03 19:24:30";"+919212988***";"Hi! Sir, what should i do in these last 2 days for accounts exam ipcc?"

Inbox;"2009-11-02 23:06:36";"+919899808***";" Gudevng...!!Sir plz send sum valuable tip's regarding Ipcc.. Mean's hw 2 do prepartn 4 exam.. Time management n all.."

Inbox;"2009-11-02 06:35:54";"+919873784***";"Hi Sir,if i don't fare wel in my NOVEMBER 2009 exams,wil it have any negative impact on my MAY 2010 attempt even if i give that attempt my best?"

Inbox;"2009-11-01 05:06:13";"+919958264***";"Sir, i have filled my ipcc exam form and i am not giving my exam,so will it be considered as my attempt?"

Inbox;"2009-11-01 05:01:26";"+919210085***";"Sir law ko yaad karne ka koi method bta do please."

Inbox;"2009-10-31 13:16:56";"+919810177***";"Sir as u advised us in orientation to do 1Q of A/C, Law n Tax daily. I found d scanner of A/C only n i started tht 4m today. I m a may attempt studnt"

Inbox;"2009-10-30 22:40:14";"+919311260***";"Which book should i use for cost and Fm for IPCC."

Inbox;"2009-10-30 03:34:54";"+919911881***";"Sir taxation ke liye kaun si book achi hai for ipcc"

Inbox;"2009-10-29 08:49:53";"+919654526***";"In subject Law. Q. To change/ alteration in "liability clause" which RESOLUTION is passed?
Plz sir provide me answer.

Inbox;"2009-10-28 23:58:11";"+919990217***";"Sir, how to learn the sections in law ?"

Inbox;"2009-10-28 21:10:37";"+919654526***";"Q. To change in "liability clause" which RESOLUTION is passed?

Inbox;"2009-10-27 16:58:15";"+919999056***";"Sorry 2 disturb sir bt tel me about carriage inward.. This d cost which enterd in p/L A/C.. M I WRIGT SIR..?"

Inbox;"2009-10-25 16:35:04";"+919424907***";"How to decide as to whether create a provision or to treat 1 as contingent liability if a court case is gng on. ."

Inbox;"2009-10-25 16:30:07";"+919424907***";"Gm sir. .dis is Richa.. Sry 2 disturb u bt cud u plz help m wid a doubt in A/c s.. Only if u r nt so busy. ."

Inbox;"2009-10-25 13:44:59";"+919015625***";"Gud mnig sir, Service tax return kitni bar revised ho sakti h?"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 18:21:25";"+919990966***";"Sir iz dre z amendment in tax that in n0v attempt only practcal wil cum of 50 marks in income tax?"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 04:21:04";"+919990972***";"Plz suggest a book on financial management for self study . "
Inbox;"2009-10-24 05:06:16";"+919278328***";"Sir in A/C FROM INCOPLETE RECORDS anual fire insurance prenium paid taken into what"

Inbox;"2009-10-24 02:28:34";"+919990274***";"Good evening sir , I have some doubts in income tax and law can i call you ."
Inbox;"2009-10-24 03:02:45";"+919999444***";"Sir can only rank holders be succesful ca. I am an avg. Studnt but i want 2 b a ca.. Plz guide me sir "

Inbox;"2009-10-23 18:47:15";"+919015625***";"Hi sir, is there any difference between unpaid capital and uncalled capital? "
Inbox;"2009-10-23 18:57:51";"+919015625***";"What is lost Paid up capital "

Inbox;"2009-10-23 02:14:25";"+919896532***";"Sir, How can i be perfect in tax?"

Inbox;"2009-10-23 00:12:23";"+919990872***";"Sir please tell me which audit books i should prefer for ipcc.."

Inbox;"2009-10-22 16:07:51";"+919650152***";"Yes, your way help me a lot now in revising.. "

Inbox;"2009-10-22 16:10:35";"+919910410***";"Yes ofcourse . The way of writing d answers sugstd by u hv improved my ansers"

Inbox;"2009-10-20 19:50:46";"+919953095***";"Hi sir, hw r u? Sir i want 2 ask u ki tax nd cost Fm ki padai without coaching kaise kare plz tell m dis b'coz i want 2 prepare myself 4 exams.

Inbox;"2009-10-18 17:00:04";"+919968963***";"What is net claim ratio"

Inbox;"2009-10-16 04:46:19";"+919555158***";"Sir,what's mean of corporate governance?"

Inbox;"2009-10-16 01:48:10";"+919540829***";"Wat is criteria of Profesnal person?"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 03:52:11";"+919811063***";"sir i have done my exercise .
thanx for the idea of your assessment tests"

Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:16:04";"+919999730***";"Sir Maine abhi tak kuch nahi padha hai due to some business prob. but i m going to appear in NOV.2009 toh main ab kya karu aur kaise padhu. Sir plz plz help me."
Inbox;"2009-10-15 02:43:03";"+919211589***";"Arslam valekum Sir,
i want 2 know whether it is compulsary 2 write narration with JOURNAL ENTRY or not? "

Inbox;"2009-10-14 22:00:49";"+919015851***";"Sir, how can prepare tax paper in short period for november attempt please suggested immeditaly "

Inbox;"2009-10-14 20:11:59";"+919555339***";"Sir income tax ki tayari kaise ki jaye. Provision saare learn hai par apply karne meine problem. Plz reply soon"

Inbox;"2009-10-14 16:12:50";"+919899263***";"In vat,Whether input tax cr. Can be set of with cst if any excess amount "
Inbox;"2009-10-14 16:29:59";"+919899263***";"I m extremly thankful for your answer."

Inbox;"2009-10-13 20:18:50";"+919312067***";"sir i am having my ipcc exam this nov and i am unable to concentrate on my studies more than 30 min . my mind is not stable. wat to do sir?

Inbox;"2009-10-12 16:08:30";"+919968493***";"Sir i have complite one hour task way u suggsted"

Inbox;"2009-10-12 15:25:16";"+919810047***";"Good morning Sir.
i m a student of IPCC,n my attempt wil b on NOV 09, my question is-i hav done my accounts ONLY through the ICAIs studymatt is it enough 2 attend the exam hal confidently,or is it better 2 reffer different books,

please suggest.

Gyanendra Dwivedi."

Inbox;"2009-10-10 18:53:37";"+919818759***";"Sir, Eg. of ethical dilemma in business??"

Inbox;"2009-10-10 02:12:28";"+919999461***";"Respected sir, I done my one hour in studying of tax- in manner sugsted by you. thank you"

Inbox;"2009-10-10 01:53:46";"+919910410***";"Plz tel me hw to prepare 4 I.Tax. I havent prepared at all"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 23:06:13";"+919910410***";"Completed my 1 hr work…as sugstd by you"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 04:11:37";"+919891195***";"Gud evening sir, sorry to trouble you again....just wanted to ask you how many hours to study...if i want to start fresh?....Thanks..."
Inbox;"2009-10-08 04:15:11";"+919891195***";"hw many hours to study in a day for nov.2009 inter paper...if i want to start fresh again?"

Inbox;"2009-10-08 04:21:10";"+919818759***";"Are Business Ethics & CSR one nd the same thing. . ."

Inbox;"2009-10-08 03:34:26";"+919990966***";"What is sweat equity?"

Inbox;"2009-10-07 23:08:56";"+919311486***";"Sir mera paper Nov. mai h . Cost & Fm ka prepration zero h kese kru & kise kru cost ya fm. Rply plz."

Inbox;"2009-10-04 04:52:22";"+919873764***";"Sir, does personal car come under personal effect? If yes where is its capital gain taxable?"

Inbox;"2009-09-28 03:28:02";"+919210055***";"What will be the bad debts treatment if it is given in the adjustment in banking financial statement ?? Please tel sir "

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