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DIPSITE Rajiv Soni- Chartered Accountancy

A Chartered Accountant who, at the behest of ICAI counsels schools/college students on 'CA as a career'.
* Started his career with ITC Ltd.and    after 9 years co-founded a software    company and ran it profitably for a    decade before moving to settle in the    US.

* Relocated, and in last 10 yrs has taught mentored, inspired, and    helped 17,000+ students at:
  - Institute of Chartered Accountants
  - SRCC, DU
  - Welcomgroup Management Institute, ITC Ltd. Gurgaon
  - His own Teaching Centre in Gurgaon from 20+ premium schools
* Served on Board DPS MR, FG Polytechnic, Rae Bareily, UP
* Is a published writer Seher (2010) and Aaliya (2014).

   Email: rajivsoni@dps-alumni.com   Cell: 98-993-28283

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