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DIPSITE Sunil Gupta- Motivation & Leadership

Dr. Sunil Gupta is working as Additional GM-IT & CIO in the Economic Research unit of Ministry of Steel.Broadly, his area of expertise revolves around using IT in the Steel Industry, framing & setting up of broad policy & planning matters, doing projects appraisals & techno-economics studies, in addition to the Information and content management for the Steel Industry.
Prior to this, he has worked in various other organizations of repute with competitive environs.

His work experience exceeds 30 years. He started his career in the mainframe era in mid 80's and saw the transition from MF's to PC's to Web revolution to Internet of things. He has worked extensively in the areas of Networking, Telecom, Infrastructure management, cloud computing, data analytics using big data, e-Governance, Knowledge management, setting green data centers & creating awarness about green IT.
Academic Qualifications:
1. Ph.D. in Management Information System from USA
2. Business Management. (MBA) (spl. In Inf.Systems)
3. Professional Diploma in Inf. Systems Management
4. Mathematical Statistics with O.R. & Computer Systems from     D.U.
Professional Certificates of Merit and Affiliations:
1. Merit Certificate in Computer Communication Networks from NIC.
2. Professional development certificate in drafting International    Venture Aggreements jointly by UNCTAD/WTO, Switzerland.

   Email: guptasunil5@gmail.com   Cell: 98 -100 -93782

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