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DIPSITE Manoj Srivastava- Marine Engineering

Career:Mechant Navy/Marine Engineering as a Career.
Marine Engineer Officer Class.1(Motor)-Ministry of Surface.
Transport- Govt. Of India.
Fellow of Institution of Engineers(India)
Fellow of Institution of Marine Engineers(India)
Schools: DPS Mathura Road, St.Xaviers
Colleges:St. Stephens, Directorate Of Marine Engineering Training (DMET)

Sailing Career:Indian and Foreign Companies.
Attained Chief Engineer Qualification.
The Shipping Corporation of India, Barbar Ship Management(Hong Kong based), Mobil Shipping Extensive on job experience on Cargo ships, Container ships, Oil Tankers etc.
Currently settle in Delhi and running own business of manufacturing plastic parts.

   Email: manojdmet@gmail.com   Cell: 98-100-38854

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