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A story based on true incidents about the journey of an empowered 21st century millennial from the glamworld of stilettos and beauty pageants to training in deep muddy trenches.....sacrificing everything in her endeavours to partake in making India a 'safer' country. Her strong and inspiring character makes her an icon of the, hitherto, rudderless Indian youth. The story has pizazz and can make a statement.

Set in India- Goa, Delhi, Manesar, Mumbai... it has elements of courage, patriotism, and a bit of romance... making it a sensitive, thought-provoking story for an entertaining film.

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Genre: Romance
Elements: Fun, sensuality and passion, love and excitement, tension and tragedy.
An ageless, multicultural love story that will stir hearts warmly. Based on true incidents and set between England and India it is a romantic and poignant story about the inner journey of a young girl and about reconciling the difficult distance between yesterday and today, between truth and reason... to reclaim a lost paradise.

It has elements of deja vu, mystery, divine intervention, irony.

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Genre: Family drama
Elements: soul-searching,
bit of wisdom, love
and excitement, tension and tragedy.
Esha’s story is of her tryst with life, its trials and tribulations with generous soul-searching, a bit of wisdom and a pinch of humor. It is sad but triumphant how she participates in her own rescue.

The story visits Domestic Violence as a crime which embraces all classes today, and is like an epidemic, fast damaging the fabric of our society.

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Genre: Drama
Elements:Emotional struggle, sensitivity, love, bowing to the decision of the Almighty, steadfastness.
Set against the back drop of the dog-eat-dog fashion design industry, the story explores fragility of relationships between the fashion Czar in India, who uses every trick at his disposal-inventing new ones as necessary to stay Numero Uno, his wayward son who’s found a place to put his skills of deception, influence and illusion to use and beautiful Ananya, struggling with a dark past and current betrayal in love, who nevertheless creates timeless designs and is cheated on time and again, surviving on hope and faith.
Life being the sum total of moments, mistakes and things, the story is about change in these in all three as a result of having learnt a lot, suffered enough and got tired of ‘the same thing’ with underlying message 'Life never gets easier, you just have to get stronger!'

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Genre: Romance
Elements: Fun, love, excitement, freedom to make a choice.
A story of two youngsters in a college in India. Both can't stand each other because of what they apparently see of each other. Yet before they realize they fall in love... a budding romance takes over and before long, they decide that they will spend their lives together. But they are still in college... young... and that too in India. Can they decide what's good for them, and what's not?
Genre: Inspirational
Elements: Courage, determination of a child, Realities of a selfish world.
Inspirational story of a 10 year old girl with an incredibly gifted voice, who wants to take part in a singing competition to win the prize money- to treat her ailing parent. But there are hindrances, blocks, difficulties...
Will she make her dream a reality?
The courage and determination of a child... togther with catchy songs, dance, magic, fun and a dream sequenc- will leave one wanting....

Genre: Light comedy and romance
Elements: Passion for challenges, Romance, Humor, Attitude and wit.
True story of how the protagonist builds a corridor between the Occident and Orient with great attitude and determination, fighting against all odds of the day-to-day work and social culture at a molecular level; and of the links forged between two people from two different cultures who, by mutually sharing their hearts, become true soul mates in life.
The story includes true, real life instances of Hindu-Muslim relationships, Indo–American relationships, honesty of black Americans, mysterious mischief of Lord Krsna himself, and other examples of America’s amity, it’s tolerance of multiplicity of cultures and ethnicities and inherent system of rewarding the honest and hardworking...
It is one man’s crusade for himself- not selfishly, but to prove that nothing is impossible even as the American job market ignores him, daily-life culture scoffs at him, and the American woman...she rebuffs him.
 Work in progress:
1. Zindagi Ke Uss Paar: Avenging poor, pathetic and even brutal treatment meted out to elders in a family.
2. No exit:                        Marriage rocks....Or Marriage (on the)rocks?
3. Nikky Donor:              A take on the trials and tribulations of having a baby.
4. A true story of a teacher who in the process of counseling one of her best students out of depression finds
    a sea change in him, but now she finds herself a victim of feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

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