Message by Kia Scherr

Dear friends,

I am sorry to cancel my participation with all of you tonight to launch the compelling story of Seher to the citizens of Mumbai.May she serve as an anspiration to all of us. We may not be joining the commando team as Seher did, but we can become commandos of peace in our own lives

I met S. African commando, Zane Wilmans, last night on the Times Now news show.He saved 150 lives at the Taj hotels on 26/11.I also met dr.Vaswani, who was the Dr. on duty that night. They both agree that we need to build inner strength as well as outer strength to counter-act terrorism on all fronts. I co-founded One life Alliance in the aftermath of 26/11 so that we may engage in the conersation about the oneness and scaredness of life. We are all interconnected and we all share this scared life.It is time to brings this highest value to bear in all of our thoughts, words and actions.In this way, we combat terrorism with the power of love.We will find new approaches to resolve conflicts.We will find new strategies and solutions to increase security.

We will become more vigilant, committed and aware of what is happening in our everyday world so that we may responed appropriately.

I am committed to share this message with as many people as possible so that we may work together to take action.Therefore, I am required to be a guest on NDTV this evening for this purpose.

Thank you all for coming to support Rajiv Soni tonight at this esteemed Book launch.Blessing for its success and for success of our alliance as one human family.

With love and apprication,
Kia Scherr

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