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Competent Education Systems

  • Assisting High School students get better marks and Corporate learners reinforce
       their learning via our state-of-the-art education aid TUTORprep
    Assisting teachers make Q papers in seconds... with TUTORteach©TM

  • Consolidating/ perfecting one ‘boutique school’

  • Corporate training- Hospitality, BPO's

  • Mobile education, mCom Applications
       Working on a simple educative tool appealing to the ego of India's millions of
       low-income earners

  • Replicating a successfully implemented ‘rural literacy program via the Internet’

  • Developing a new subject for our youngsters that will shape skills- so necessary in
       the dynamically evolving world

  • An education vortal addressing needs of Students, Institution, Teachers, Vendors,
       Regulatory Authorities, Parents, Alumni- whilst facilitating b2b applications

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