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Hi Friends, Greetings & Welcome to my little corner on the 'net 

I'm known by the people who know me...and my motto in life is 'Appreciate first, Understand later’.
I now consultteach and write.
Am passionate about contributing to literacy projects in rural India- the first covered by Star TV News in 2000.

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Completed my schooling from DPS Mathura Road, New Delhi and graduation from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.
A Chartered Accountant by profession, spent initial professional life with Sheraton hotels, and later ventured out on my own into the ‘simply’ complicated world of Information Technology- pioneering Oracle technology training in India.
And simultaneously, enjoyed operating daffy’s- Snack/ Health food Counters.

Then moved to California USA and having experienced life for some years in the most technologically advanced nation, relocated to India J

My favourite books include 'My Experiments With Truth' by M.K. Gandhi, ‘Night of January 26th’ by Ayn Rand and 'Bhagwath Gita'.
Other interests include Biorhythms, Numerology, and Beer Glass Collection.


  •   Enjoy managing affairs of the DPS Alumni with my team.

  •   Contributed to educational endeavors of a prestigious Regional Engineering College in UP.
  • Some facts about me

    Zodiac sign:

     Favorite cities to visit:   San Francisco, London, Amsterdam.

     Favorite discotheque:  Ghunghroo

     Favorite films:
     Hindi- Anand, Pakeezah, Aap Ki Kasam, Satte Pe Satta...
     English- Gone with the wind, Roman Holiday, One flew with the cuckoo's nest...

    I Hate...   Lies & fibs, jealousy & greed.

    I Like...   Straightforwardness & ability to speak one's mind.

    My own quotes...

  • 'There is no need to hide, but there is no need to advertise.'
  • 'A friend SHOULD NEVER become a lover, and a lover CAN NEVER become a     friend.'
  • 'Justifying a fault, quadruples it.'

    If you have something to say to me, you can email me.                          edmatrix.us home page

     Last updated: Jan  07 ,  2014

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