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                         MAKING YOUR RESUME
Your resume being sent out to prospective CA Firms and Employers has just one purpose: To showcase you to employers and owners who don’t know you and who have never met you before.
It advertises you, telling them why you should be considered for an assignment, job or training/ apprentice program.

  Resume writing is challenging and can take 4 days – 2 weeks; and you    must know what to include, what not to, what to highlight, what to    de-emphasize, etc.

   HR professionals and hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes for    any given position and, on average, spend 30 seconds – 1 minute to    decide whether they want to look deeper into it or not. And if you     haven’t caught his/ her eye in those brief moments, you’ve lost out.

    Having prepared, reviewed and critiqued 10,000+ Resumes of     professionals at different stages of their career during my 25 years in     employment, consulting, entrepreneurship and social service in 5     countries- USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Nepal… and India, I     can assist you in:

  • Identifying your capabilities, interests and skills- Writing the above in a structured manner even if you don't have (much) work experience.

  • Preparing a focused document that you give to employers to tell them that you can be a good resource to them

                              RESUME Distribution
After you've perfected your resume, you now need to get it in front of the right people.
Which firm to send it to, and how?
Email? Personally? Post? All of these?

   Resume writing and Distribution strategy with me is personalized,
   face-to-face session.
   Please call 98-993-28283 or email rsoni@edmatrix.us for appointment    and charges.

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