Why become a Chartered Accountant
Helping CA students achieve their milestones
Having interacted with 20,000+ CA students over last 8+yrs, am privileged to have earned their confidence and that has inspired me to initiate this platform within www.edmatrix.us

The intention is to address issues that concern CA students 'here and now'; and to facilitate growth as a collabrative between the students, teachers and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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    'CA as a Career' Counseling
  • DPS Gurgaon

  •     -  2011
        -  2012

  • DAV School

  •     - 2012

         Voluntary Teaching
  • Feroze Gandhi Polytechnic(REC)
        Rae Bareily UP

  • Jaunapur Village

  • Happy School, Gurgaon

  • Class 12 student Kuwait

  • CA Student
  •    Make a professional resume

         B.com and CA together?
         Greek accountant's account of life
         Hormonal havoc
         Learning from THE EXPERTS
         How to get better at studies
         'Choose Courses that can be        linked to good placements'
            Finance Jobs

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