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Teacher-Student Relationships

Quality of teacher–student relationships being the keystone for making intellectual sparks fly… and lightening strike every now and then, teacher-student relationship has meant the following:

1. Be friendly with your students but not their friend
      Which is why attending parties, socializing with students or inviting       them to their homes- even talking via mobile phone, SMS, internet       chat breeds familiarity and can compromise teacher/student       relationships.

2. Give to your student, never take
      Give them your knowledge, time, experience, patience- and never       take gifts, favors, complementary dinners, diwali gifts etc. Being a       teacher requires conviction of ‘only to give’ and courage ‘never to       take’.

3. Learn from them too, for learning is something that we all do
      Teaching is about helping students learn, grow, form trusting       relationships but it is also about ‘learning from them.

4. Be fair to them, even extra generous… but not for negative acts
      Treat all students with courtesy and dignity, regardless of gender,       race, class, religion, nationality, or politics yet do not overlook       negative traits that you may see building in them eg. carelessness,       bully behavior, cheating.

5.   Discipline with firmness not harshness
      Yelling, using sarcasm, overreacting with threats and possible       punishments must be replaced with firmness.

6.   Don’t be whistleblower yet must inform parents A teacher is a       student’s guidance counselor too, keeping a watchful eye on       students’ academic performance as ell as other behavior- and not       hesitate to inform parents about deviations and questionable actions.

7.   Help your students, don’t just offload your duties onto them
      Undoubtedly there is pressure of syllabus/ examinations but merely       dumping assignments on the students is bound to make them see       teachers as the villain responsible for their not having much ‘free       time’ for movies, parties, chatting with friends etc.

      There is no reward for the thankless pursuit of teaching, and though       teachers will seldom become rich, those having a genuine desire to       inspire student growth continue to make this profession grow.

      CA Rajiv Soni
      G-14/3 DLF City 1 Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India
      Mobile: 98-993-28283

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